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We are a subcontracting company founded in 1989. Our main focus is in conveyor parts such as drive pulleys and idlers, which we have manufactured since 1994 with highly competitive prices and superior quality.

We also provide wide range of subcontracting with high profitability. Our strength is in our extremely light organization, skilled employees and nearly two decades of experience especially in conveyor parts.

Tuomenhaara 6
FI-39700 Parkano, Finland
Tel./Fax +358 (0)3 4429960, +358 (0)3 4429955
Email: parkanosteel [at]

Turo Lahtinen, myynti
Puh 0400 732376 | Email

Contact in English:
Jarno Lahtinen, toimitusjohtaja
Tel. +358 (0)40 7226717 | Email